HiTi P 525L photo printer, promotional set for Photographic Studios

HiTi P 525L photo printer, promotional set for Photographic Studios

4.110,23  3.547,43 

The latest HiTi P-525L printer is intended for professional Photographic Studios. It is ideally suited for making identification photos (ID), all kinds of documents such as: identification documents, passports, driving licenses, identification cards etc. It is also excellent for printing all kinds of occasional photographs (weddings, wedding parties, balls) and amateur photos, including photos from smartphones.

Basic technical parameters of the offered printer:

  • resolution 300 DPI
  • printed formats: 10 x 15 , 13 x 18 , 15 x 20 cm.
  • printing time of 10 x 15 cm format: 12,8 sek.
  • possibility to work with a computer (PC or laptop) as well as a tablet and a smartphone


The printer’s cooperation with tablets and smartphones is carried out via an external WiFi module. The 10 x 15 cm basic paper carton contains 2 paper rolls of 500 prints each (totally 1.000 prints) and two coloring ribbons which enable making 2 x 500 prints.

Now thanks to HiTi support while buying a P-525L printer at a net price of 2.843,25 pln, a Photographic Studio receives 1 carton of P-520 paper (10 x 15 cm – 1.000 prints) with a 90% discount.

Value of the promotional set:

  • P-525L printer: 1 pc x 2.843,25 pln = 2.843,25 pln
  • P-520 (10×15 cm) paper: 1 carton x (398,40 pln/c – 90%) = 39,84 pln
  • advertising stand: 1 pc. x (100,00 pln/pc – 99%) = 1,00 pln


                                                           Total net:                           2.884,09 zł.

                                                               Gross:                           3.547,43 zł.

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