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How we started?

We are a family company which has been operating continuously on the Polish photographic market since 1990.

From the very beginning of our activity, we specialize in supplying Photographic Studios with equipment and consumables used to make identification photographs (ID photos) for official personal documents such as: identity cards, passports, driving licenses, visas, diplomas, etc.

Already in 1990, in place of the traditional method of photographing with a single-lens studio camera and then processing in a photographic darkroom, we introduced four-lens MINIPORTRAIT 403 cameras from the American POLAROID Company to Polish Photographic Studios.

Special INSTANT loads were used as consumables for professional POLAROID studio cameras. Thanks to that, it was possible to eliminate completely the long and uncomfortable process of ID photos processing in a darkroom. Implementation of very modern POLAROID technology at that time shortened the entire process of making ID photos to the proverbial “three minutes”.

Digitization of photographing process and making (printing) photos including ID photos was the new challenge for our company.


HiTi – our strategic partner

The ongoing cooperation with the Taiwanese company HiTi DIGITAL Inc., since the beginning of the new XXI century, is just like the direct cooperation with the POLAROID Company in the 1990s.

In the early 2000s, professional digital photography devices were very expensive. While the competition forced price reduction of digital cameras used in Studios, then finding proper printers was the problem.

The HiTi Company presented its first 630PL dye sublimation photo printer at the CEBiT trade fair in Hanover in 2002 . During this trade fair, we concluded an agreement with HiTi, being in force till today, stating that we became the only official representative of the HiTi brand in Poland.

Thanks to our activity and knowledge of specific aspects of the Photographic Studios market, the HiTi photo printers became very quickly the basic equipment of these Studios in the whole country.

Over the next years, HiTi introduced new models of dye sublimation photo printers into production. In historical order, they were the following models: 630 PS, 640 ID, 730 PL and PS, BS-ID400 as well as S-400 and S-420. All these printers were adapted to work with paper sheets.

In 2009, in response to the needs of the market, the HiTi Company introduced a new photo printer using paper in rolls. It was a P-510 model available in L, S and K versions. The basic advantage of photo printers, using paper in rolls, is the speed of printing and significantly lower costs of consumables compared to paper in sheets. Thus, as a Company we confronted one again the challenge of introducing completely new qualitative devices for making prints into Polish Photographic Studios.

We introduced the new generation of HiTi photo printers into the Polish market in 2014. The capital of trust which we obtained from Photographic Studios over the years has made this task much easier. Lowering the cost of consumables for photo printers using paper in rolls has widened the possibilities of using these devices.
HiTi P-510 series photo printers were used not only for printing ID photos but also all kinds of photos during occasional events such as weddings, wedding parties, etc.

Towards the future

We started to introduce the second generation of HiTi photo printers using paper in rolls into Studios in 2014. At first it was the P-520L model and currently the latest P-525L model. The latest generation of photo printers, apart from cooperation with PCs or laptops, has the possibility of wireless cooperation (WiFi) with devices such as smartphones and tablets. This opens up amazing opportunities for the applications of these photo printers. Of course, this is not the end of our development. We are already now preparing to launch the HiTi X610 super fast photo printer into the Polish market, which prints one photo of 10 cm x 15 cm format in an amazingly short time of 1,5 seconds (2,400 photos per hour) !!! The long-term activity of our company and its constant development would not be possible without our excellent Customers. Thanks to their trust and loyalty we have achieved so many successes and today we can confidently look into the future. We cordially thank for that.

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